Thursday, November 10, 2005


Tonight we had our first martinis! I tried to find a recipe that would be similar to the one I had before. This ended up tasting similar but having a totally different appearance. The one I had was greenish and had a cherry garnish. We decided to use melon balls as the garnish and it came out pretty orangish. Here is the recipe:

1 oz of vodka (we used absolute... most people say you could also use a citrus flavored vodka)
1 oz of midori (this is awesome and bright green)
1.5 oz of watermelon juice (we just bought a 1/4 watermelon, pureed it in the blender and strained off the juice.. it makes about a 1/4 gallon)
.5 oz of lemon juice (you can use fresh squeezed or the little lemon shaped bottle from the store)

then.. shake shake shake and toss in a melon ball. YUMMY!


At 7:47 AM, Jason said...

They were great! Very smooth and sweet. We'll definitely be making that recipe again.

At 5:58 AM, MOM BEAIRD said...

I Love your site! You make me feel like I am there. The tour of the house was great,thank you,the pictures Jason took had me a bit confused. Those pumpkins are Great,you are so talented. The house is coming right along and I hope to see it soon. Have I told you how proud I am of you and Jason lately? Keep up the fantastic work and rememeber we Love You Both so much..MOM XOXO


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