Friday, October 14, 2005

Festive Art

So Jason and I had a date last night... Fazoli's and Pumpkin Carving. It may not sound like much but I guess we both got really into it. Jason decided he wanted to do something with the Gators logo(no we haven't been converted to Carolina fans yet) and for some reason Shrek popped into mind for me. So we bought 2 pumpkins at Walmart for $3.50, and started hacking. I found a crazy website where a guy makes patterns from photos and printed a pattern. Jason made his own pattern from a gator logo he found online! We were up until 1:30am, but the end result is pretty spectacular. We used the cheap carving tools we picked up from Walmart and found that we used something in place of every tool except the saw. For the dot poker we used a thumb tack, a skewer makes good holes, an exacto knife helps cut out the pattern. BUT.. you need that little saw thing. I broke mine and miserably hacked atthe pumpkin with a steak knife until jason was done with his saw :) (no..I didn't break his). This is really easy with the right tools though and I think anyone old enough or mentally stable enough to handle sharp objects should be able to create an artsy pumpkin. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Here's Shrek glowing in the dark!

Go Gators!!

But..the pumpkins don't look so hot in the daylight.....


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous said...

awesome! i was wanting to make the gator logo on my pumpkin.


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