Monday, October 31, 2005

Our new old bar

Most of you who know me, know I don't drink much. In fact, I never had a drink until 2 years ago when Jason and I had champagne on our honeymoon. Since then, I've lightened up (a little) but I have been limited to a glass of wine with dinner (the only kind i like is Riesling) and possibly a Margarita with Mexican food. One night we got Martinis at a place in downtown Columbia called Rust and I think they are so fun. They come in a million different flavors and aren't too strong (at least the ones i like) and I can usually only drink one. Anyway, this sparked my interest in having a little bar at home. I think I will try to recreate the watermelon martini I had at Willy's Foxfire Grill for my first home concotion.

Here is how it came about: We bought a pressboard hutch for 100$ at walmart two years ago for our apartment at Maguire Village on UF Campus. Our kitchen was about 4ft x 4ft, and our dining room was about twice that size, so it only made sense to display the Sango dishes given to us for our wedding in the large dining room. Now that we have moved, our kitchen is thankfully large enough to store all our utensils/dishes/pans. So hmm... what to do with the hutch. Newspaper... side of the curb... garage sale... goodwill. Well, I had this crazy idea that we could take off the top and just use the cabinet part under our stairway. Turned out i saved most of the pieces that didn't fall apart on deconstruction, just in case i had any more wild ideas. And to no ones surprise i did! We bought some brackets at home depot and turned the whole thing into a mini bar for our living room/dining room. Now the space gets used under the stairs and you don't have to go all the way to the kitchen to make a drink or grab a snack when (if we ever) have people over :)! Now i just need to buy some more funky shaped glasses and a few kinds of alcohol and we are on our way to assorted fun flavors.


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